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I'm everlyn. I have a fascination with the golden era & frightful motion pictures.
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Rita Hayworth c. 1940s (via)
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Rita Hayworth c. 1940s (via)
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So what? I like serial killers and gore.


"You know what really bothers me about this website? All of you who are so fucking evolved that you reblog the most graphic and offensive photos and articles that you possibly can. Really, you like serial killers? You LIKE serial killers? YOU LIKE SERIAL KILLERS? Serial. KILLERS? Bull-fucking-shit is what I have to say. Apparently I am not of the same social and intellectual caliber as all of you “edgy” types, because I, like most people, find those sort of  tragedies to be absolutely disgusting. They are nightmares. Literally, those sort of instances are things to be afraid of, very afraid of. 

It is in every way, very unnatural to have the inclination to end another human’s life. It is counter-evolutionary and counterproductive. It is anti-survival! It is not logical to kill even one person, let alone a whole slew of people. And what’s better, is all of you fucking lunatics ENJOY LOOKING AT THESE PHOTOGRAPHS. I don’t get it. I really don’t. It bugs the absolute hell out of me that you really have to resort to shock value to prove that you are so different and above the rest of us. Go ahead, unfollow me, hate on me, whatever the hell is going to give you some sort of fulfillment, but the fact remains that the new trendy obsession with murder/serial killings/graphic violence is absolutely revolting.”


—Haha oh where to begin. While I was perusing Tumblr, this lovely rant popped up about how crazy people are who LIKE serial killers and gore/violence.  After mocking our intelligence levels, etc, this girl throws in unsupported evidence of how murdering people is anti-evolutionary.  You would think “Yes, this is completely valid, killing people limits our evolutionary pool.” However, what she fails to realize is that humans have been killing each other since we came into existence. Oh my god, its not like murder just started a week ago. If this was anti-evolutionary, our species would already be extinct. Yes, I enjoy looking at these photographs because they remind me that: 1.) I am only a pile of organs and blood 2.) that life could always be worse and 3.) that we are not different from one another, that we are all made up of the same shit (therefore disproving her theory that we like to think that we are better than others). So while she is too busy vomiting rainbows and smiley faces, I choose to live in the real world. 

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“My favorite Hole song. I wouldn’t even know where to begin interpreting it, and I’ll bet Courtney wouldn’t either. Sometimes lyrics just fall out and you don’t know what you’re saying, but you know exactly what you’re feeling. The power in this song is amazing. The mood is desperate and terrified. I don’t know. I just love the way it makes me feel.”
—pleasebeatme92(songmeanings) on Hole’s song ‘Jenifer’s Body’

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Seriously? Shut the fuck up! Stop calling her a bitch & a fucking murderer. This woman fucking saved my life with her music. I’ve been through so much & I feel as if Courtney is the only person on this planet who will ever understand. She is my musical soul mate. She can just sing one note & I would drop down to my knees. Kurt is dead, saying Courtney killed him wont bring him back. Sure they weren’t perfect together but each is at fault. They both did drugs & encouraged the use of drugs, which wasn’t the smartest thing to do. However, they did love each other but it wasn’t enough.

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